Aqua Park Nessebar

Aquapark Nessebar offers various water facilities tailored and appropriate for all ages. Even though there are many additional entertainment options even for those who do not wish to use water slides, swimming pool, restaurants, attractive show - programmes.
In terms of security part of the facilities are restricted for children. Detailed information can be found HERE .

In according to Bulgarian legislation, minors (up to 14 years old) and adolescents (up to 18) must be accompanied by adults that would take cared and have responsibility for them.

Almost all slides and water features do not require swimming ability. Part of the slides end in a corridor (dry out), and others in swimming pools, with depth up to 1.30 meters. There are several facilities and slides that require swimming skill up to 50 meters (plunge pool, "Butterfly" pool, wave pool). In all facilities there are professional lifeguards who care of the visitors’ safety.

No. All attractions (waterslides, pools, show programmes, rivers) are included in the entrance’s price.

Yes. All sunbeds are free of charge. Aquapark Nessebar does not accept requests for lounges pre preservation and/or such in certain places.

Aquapark Nessebar offers a variety of attractions, facilities and entertainment. From the point of view, concerning your security it is preferable to comply with your health condition. It is not recommended the use of some facilities by people with stated mental/physical health problems, overweighed, complaints of neck pain, back and heart, pregnant women.

All slides and facilities are designed with a view to ensure security and safety for those who use them. No special abilities are required, but their use is necessary to comply with the instructions of the lifeguards. For some slides there is a need to control your body in order not be fully relaxed.

For people with mobility problems there are secured parking places, changing rooms and showers providing all necessary conditions for movement with aids or wheelchairs. 

Yes. Aquapark Nessebar is a huge amusement park, which offers a variety of fun and entertainment, even for those who will not use the water slides.

Our priority is the safety and security when using the facilities. If weather conditions do not allow their use, their work is halted until the rain gets away. There is no refund for bad weather conditions.

Yes. In view of your calmness is preferable to have a personal document confirming your identity in case of need. When purchased online vouchers employees at the entry are entitled to request a personal document of the vouchers’ holders.

The most convenient would be to wear a swimsuit or comfortable clothing that does not hinder the use of water slides (shirts, shorts).

No. It is necessary to have any of your own or you can purchase from the souvenir shop, which is sited on the territory of the Aquapark.

Yes. In case of emergency care need, there is a medical cabinet.

We recommend that you bring only the most – necessary with you: swimsuit, towel, sunscreen cosmetics, cash or card for additional services and identity document. On the territory of the Aquapark there is a souvenir shop that sells goods and accessories at first need. In our opinion there is no need to have expensive jewelleries or other expensive accessories.

Storing valuables and documents is your responsibility. There are safes and lockers, which are paid after the entry into Aquapark as follows:

- Safes - 7 BGN 
- Lockers - 5 BGN

Deposit for key - 5 BGN, is deducted when hiring a safe/locker and refunds after vacating the safe/locker. The deposit is for each and every key!

The use of safes and lockers is paid after entering on the territory of Aquapark.

- Safes - 7 BGN. 
- Lockers - 5 BGN. 

Deposit for key - 5 BGN, is deducted when hiring a safe/locker and refunds after vacating the safe/locker. The deposit is for each and every key!

No. In view of security and requirements for which we have responsibility, it is not allowed to bring in food and drinks in order to consume on the territory of the Aquapark. There are on your disposal fast foods, alcoholic and soft drinks. The only exception is for baby foods.
At the entrance our guards check each and every bag for weapons, glass objects and food. If you bring such kinds with you, they will be stored until your leave the Aquapark.

Yes. On the territory of the Aquapark there are fast foods that offer variety of foods, salads, ice cream, alcoholic and soft drinks.

Yes. During your stay, within the day you can get out of the Aquapark after member of our staff takes your electronics bracelet and gives you a ticket with number against which the return you'll get it back.

Yes. For all visitors from Sunny Beach, Eleni, Sveti Vlas, Nessebar and Ravda there is a free of charge transport to and from Aquapark Nessebar. For visitors from Pomorie the transport is additionally charged: 5 BGN per person (round trip).

Detailed information for the bus stops can be found HERE.


The Aquapark provides free of charge bus service on fixed routes and range of motion as follows:

• Sunny Beach - stops № 13÷21 – from 09:30 a.m. to 03:00 p.m. - every 15 min. Return from 03:00 p.m.to 06:00/06:30** p.m.
• Nessebar and Ravda - stops № 22÷33 – from 09:45 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. & from 01:30 p.m. to 03:00 p.m.- every 20 min. Return from 03:00 p.m.to 06:00/06:30** p.m.
• Saint Vlas - stops № 5÷12 – from 09:30 a.m. to 03:00 p.m. - every 20 min. Return from 03:00 p.m.to 06:00/06:30** p.m.
• Elenite - stops № 1÷4 - from 09:30** a.m.; 10:00 a.m. and 02:00 p.m. Returns at 06:00 p.m.
• Pomorie - stops № 34÷40 - departures at 9:10 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 01:50 p.m. Returns at 06:00 p.m.


** For the period 01.07-20.08.
The transport from Pomorie is with additional charge of 5 BGN, per person!

For 2019 the transport from/to Pomorie is from 03.06. until 31.08.!

Yes. There is a free parking place with 120 parking spaces.

Yes. To purchase a ticket at the cash register and charge the deposit amount in electronic bracelets can be paid in cash and by credit or debit card.

No. The types of vouchers and relevant prices listed for online purchase are not available for direct sale on the cashiers on Aquapark Nessebar.

Yes, only if it has been purchased online. Within 48 hours after receiving the voucher on your email you can send a message with which to declare your desire for cancelling.

No. If on the day you have planned a visit to the Aquapark the weather conditions are not suitable, you can visit the Aquapark another day.

Yes. All tickets/vouchers for Nessebar Aquapark can be used every day of the period when the Aquapark is open for visitors. For 2019 the Aquapark will be open from May 27 till September 15, inclusively.

On the territory of Aquapark Nessebar no payments are made in cash. In order to provide convenience and security when entering on your hand is placed a waterproof bracelet that provides access to the facilities. The same bracelet serves for payment of additional services in the Aquapark (food, drinks, souvenir shop) for the purpose of which on the deposit cashiers you deposit the desired amount. If expended, you can load again. If you do not use the entire amount paid as a deposit before leaving the Aquapark again on the deposit cashier will be refunded the balance. It is not possible a recovery of unspent amount on deposit after leaving the Aquapark.

If you lose your bracelet fine of 20 BGN is payable.

In this case, contact our staff even while you are in the Aquapark or later of the information telephone (+359 88 520 8055). We will do everything possible to find the lost or forgotten thing.

We believe that all visitors of Aquapark Nesseber come to have fun and enjoy water funs. It may happen some of the visitors to misappropriate with alcohol, resulting to obscene or aggressive behaviour. If you notice or you are disturbed with such behaviour it is not necessary to enter into a personal assault, and contact the nearest member staff or directly to the security of the Aquapark, which is at the entrance.

The security staff has the right to put out the park territory and without compensation anyone who violates security rules, demonstrates inappropriate behaviour, aggression or visible misappropriate with alcohol. 

No. In order to ensure the comfort of all our visitors, on the territory of the Aquapark no pets are allowed, regardless of their type and size.